Why choose us?

The Childhaven Curriculum


Ways we help children develop reading and writing skills:

*Provide the written word on or next to items in the classroom

*Read aloud to the children daily

*Provide fine motor skill activities in order to help children learn to hold pencils etc…



We incorporate math and science by:

*Introducing concepts such as near/far, more than/less than, In front of/behind

*Providing activities such as sorting like colors, shapes, sizes etc…

*Providing cooking activities to introduce measuring and how substances change form (i.e. how when water boils it turns from a liquid to a gas



Ways we incorporate art and music:

*All classes display artwork at child’s eye level

*Provide a variety of materials for children to use when doing art (i.e crayons, chalk, play dough stamps)

*Provide instruments to allow free music activities.


Critical Thinking

In order to encourage kids to think critically we:

*Ask questions that require an answer that is not yes or no

*Encourage children to be clear and ask questions when they don’t understand

*Encourage children to solve problems amongst  each other with techniques like the “one/two rule”


How We Go Above and Beyond

Daily Parent Communication

Our center utilizes a software app called Daily Connect

Our Staff input information about your child's day each day they are in attendance

You can log in and see how your child's day has been from any computer or mobile device

Provides you insight about their day before you pick them up.  

Safety and Security

We have outside security cameras to monitor activity around the school
We have a key code front door. This allows only staff and families with codes to enter the building. All others must be let in by a staff member
We ID all unknown persons sent to pick up a child. That is a state law.

We Are Held to a Higher Standard

We are Nationally Accredited by

the National Accreditation Commission.

See our Accreditation page for more information.

Call us today at 928-537-2365  for more information.