National Accreditation

Pride through Excellence!

National Accreditation:

What it Means for Your Child;

A Nationally Accredited Preschool is a preschool committed to excellence.  The National Accreditation Commission, under the professional organization Association for Early Learning Leaders, is a national organization that works to raise the quality of preschool programs across the country.  The standards and regulations are higher than state licensing standards.  Our center has been Nationally Accredited since 1996 and is the longest continuously accredited program in the country.  We are the only preschool in Show Low and only one of two centers in the Show Low, Pinetop-Lakeside area that are Nationally Accredited.

National Accreditation is renewed every three years, however our center is reviewed annually by regulatory state agencies and licensed by Arizona Department of Health Services.

We also participate in Quality First, a program run through First Things First of Arizona. 

We are classified as a 3 star center and Quality First reviews our center every two years.

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