F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Quesitons

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What education does the staff have?

50% of our staff have their Certificate of Profiency in Early Childhood or higher including Associate of Arts and Bachelors Degrees.

Are your teachers certified in CPR/First Aid? Do the staff receive background checks?

Yes.  All our staff are certified in in both CPR and First Aid and we renew every two years.

Our staff are also required to hold a Class I Fingerprint Clearance Card.

Do you offer an tuition assistance?

We participate in 2 different state funded programs.  We are an authorized DES center and take DES subsidy.  To apply visit your local DES office.  

We also have a limited number of First Things First Scholorship slots.  To see if you qualify see the center director.

How often is the environment cleaned?

All classrooms are throughly cleaned each night.  Tables are washed after every meal. Bathrooms are cleaned mid day as well as the end of the day.  Toys are sanitized once a month or more often if necessary.

How is discipline handled?

Most often children just need to be redirected when a situation arises.  We use proven methods to help children learn how to communicate their wants and needs appropriately.  Staff will always assist when there is a conflict.

Do you accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies ?

Yes, we most certainly will work with you to see your child's needs are met.  We ask parents to notify us of any special accomdations needed upon enrollment and update us as necessary.  Any changes or substitutions will be made when needed for food and milk allergies.  

Do you prepare children for Kindergarten?

Our staff plan lesson plans that focus on the major academic areas in all classes and when children are in our 4-5 year old class specific skills necessary for kindergarten are incorporated.

We also do assessments on all children twice a year and keep monthly logs to track their progress.

How is parent communication handled?

Parent communication is ongoing.  We have several methods of communicating with our families.  We encourage you to communicate with us often so that we can help your child to the best of our ability.

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