Admission & Payment Information

Attendance Options To Meet Your Needs

Preschool Full Time
(Ages 2-5)

Mon – Fri (5 days)

Preschool Part Time

Three (3) Days Per Week

You Can Pick the Days

Preschool Half Days

Half Days are 5 hours or less per day

You can pick 3, 4 or 5 days per week


Annual Fee – Charged upon enrollment and every September

$50 for first child;

$40 for each additional

How to Register

We want to make enrolling your child as easy for you as possible.  Click below for links to all the paperwork we need filled out prior to your child's first day.  Below is some information on the different attendance options we offer.  Check out our "Rate Sheet" for specific pricing based on what your needs are.

1. Emergency and Information Form

Click HERE for the Emergency & Information form.  This is required!

2. Parent Handbook

Our Parent Handbook HERE is full of important infomation.  We need the last page back.  You keep the rest for your records.

3. Child and Family History Form

Our Family History form HERE is needed to help us learn more about your child and for our teachers to plan specific actitvities to meet your child's needs.

4. Tuition and Fee Agreement Form

Our Tuition and Fee Agreement form HERE explains any fees associated with our center such as late payment and late pick up.

5. Rate Schedule

Our Rate Schedule form HERE explains of our prices.  Look it over to see which payment plan best suits your needs.

Have a Question, let us know...

Call us today at 928-537-2365  for more information.

Come Visit Us

We encourage you to come by our center with your child for a tour.  We can show you the classrooms and you can meet the teacher’s.  We can explain all about how we can help you “unleash your child’s full potential” and set up a schedule for your child that meets your needs.